Why I Sold my Camper Van: Tiny Van Big Living Update

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Why I Sold my Camper Van:

Tiny Van Big Living Update

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A few months ago I posted about my decision to leave full time van life.  I had moved out of my tiny camper van and was living in Denver with my boyfriend and our new puppy. I had adjusted back to apartment life with camper adventures on the weekend. After a year and a half in Denver, I started to get ancy to move on to somewhere else. With Shamus now able to move remotely we thought it be a great time to get back into travel therapy. 

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One day in April 2019, I got a random text from a former recruiter about a position in Santa Fe, NM. We had recently been to Taos, NM for Shamus 30th birthday and were pleasantly surprised by northern New Mexico. It is not nearly as populated as Colorado and has just as much outdoor activity. I decided to sign up for a 3-month contract.

Side note: if you are interested in travel therapy check out my recruiter reviews.

As great as this tiny van was for just me, it wasn’t feasible for 2 adults and now a 89.5lb dog. Shamus had bought a truck a few months prior to the job offer so we decided to make this our new adventure mobile. Since the new position in Santa Fe required a lot of driving, a full camper van as a daily driver wasn’t necessary. The best option was to sell my van and buy a cheap car once I got to New Mexico. This would give me a little extra cash to further pay down my student loan debt. 

It was really bittersweet to sell my van, more sad than I thought. I really wanted to sell Vanny to someone who would continue to use it as a campervan. After a few weeks, I found the right buyer and said bye to Vanny Devito May 2019. At that time we thought our plan was to save money for a year to buy a new camper. 

After settling in New Mexico for a few weeks, I started to learn about pop up truck campers. I really thought this may be a great cheap alternative option for us since Shamus already had a truck. Although I loved the van, the lack of power and low clearance made any off roading not feasible. Pop up truck campers are light and would create a great off roading vehicle/camper for us. They are much cheaper than a camper van and would be spacious enough to get the three of us on adventures. 

Thus september 2019 after weeks of searching for the perfect fit for our needs and the truck we purchased a redone 1999 four wheeler pop up camper. This was just in time for my 30th birthday, where we got to take the truck on its maiden voyage. Fondly named Pinon in an ode to New Mexico. 

We loved New Mexico so much that we ended up staying 9 months. Now, we are settled in New Mexico until I can line up the next contract. We love the camper and have already had tons of adventures in it in the winter and warmer weather.

We are so excited to go explore a new state in the future and get back to regular blog posts!

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Hi there! My name is Sarah and I am the creator of Tiny Van Big Living. I am a former traveling Occupational Therapist who lived in a converted camper van (Vanny Devito) full time for almost two years. I am collecting experiences, not things while slowly climbing out of the giant hole that is student loan debt.

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