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Disclaimer: These reviews are based on other travelers, as well as my own, personal experiences. The sole intention of these reviews is to connect you with a vetted recruiter that can be helpful in your travel journey. I have purposefully decided to highlight the recruiter instead of a specific company as recruiters can vary in different companies.

Diving into the world of traveling therapy can be very exciting but also very intimidating. I started in 2013, right after I graduated from graduate school. There wasn’t much information available out there when I started. I quickly learned that a staffing/traveling agency and a recruiter were going to be a big part of this adventure for me.

As a blogger, I often get emails about recommendations for recruiters. I decided to start featuring some stellar recruiter reviews on my site for readers to easily access information and get started. The first review on this new section of my site is written by me personally and is featuring Rachel Davidoff of Reflextx!

Hiking the Channel Islands, while working in California.

How I found Rachel

My fellow classmate and friend Casey and I knew that we wanted to be travel Occupational Therapists (OTs) right after we graduated. Our last year of grad school, we had a few recent graduates of our program meet with our class. They were there to tell us what to expect in the first few years as entry-level Occupational Therapists. One of the OTs that came to speak with us was a traveler, we ended up tracking her down and asking for a recommendation. She only provided Rachel Davidoff’s contact information. She stated how Rachel was extremely helpful for new graduates and treated their travel therapists the best.

What sets Rachel apart from other recruiters?

I have always been an advocate of working with more than 1 recruiter. I got this advice early on and it’s not to make some sort of competition but simply to increase your chances of getting the job you want. So before even starting to travel, I spoke to many recruiters. Rachel has always been one of the friendliest recruiters. She pays close attention to details and things about me, even years later she will bring up things that were going on, years ago.

I had spoken to a few recruiters at that time (2013), and they tended to not want to deal with two new graduate OTs that insisted on being together for their first travel assignment. Rachel was always up for the challenge. She has always been honest, stating it be difficult but gave great advice on job trends and which states would be best to try and make this happen. As a more experienced traveler now I really respect transparency. Full transparency about pay and the available job is necessary for a successful traveler- recruiter relationship.

She is great at communication

Even through permanent positions, I have taken, and working assignments with other agencies, Rachel has always stayed in touch. You may hear from many other travelers that constant phone calls and emails from recruiters can be annoying. Rachel has typically given me a call and/or email every few months when I haven’t been working with her to check in. As always she remembers specific details about me and it’s not just the generic template that you get from other recruiters that gets email blasted to everyone on an email list. Her emails are always personalized and not overwhelming.

She goes above and beyond

When I started as a new graduate in  2013 as a new grad team, we ended up taking our first two assignments with a different company. First in Maryland and second in Texas. Unfortunately, somewhere in Arkansas on our way to Texas, my job got canceled. I had a two week cancellation clause but I didn’t get two weeks notice. The company I was working for was not willing to risk their relationship with that client to enforce it. Since my friend had a job there we still had to go there and hope that something came up for me.

We were moving to the oil fields in Texas and housing was so insane that we ended up letting our company find us housing. When we arrived, very stressed about my job situation, we ended up in a motel. Not a nice one might I add, but a sketchy part of town and 2 cockroaches found in 24 hours. Safe to say we were off to a terrible start.

I reached out to Rachel via email and asked if she could help me find anything else in the area and help with housing. I am not sure what I was expecting her to do because we weren’t working with Rachel at that time. She called us that night and it was definitely after hours. She was very helpful and she definitely did not have to talk to us out of business hours, but she did anyway. We made a plan and she found me another new grad friendly job in California. I spent the next 9 months on 3 different assignments with Rachel and had a great experience.

Why you should work with Rachel

You should work with Rachel for your traveling therapy needs because she is patient, friendly, an excellent communicator, and goes above and beyond. If you want to be treated like a priority and get transparent information about your particular job market than Rachel is a great resource.

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