Recruiter Review: Nicole Cox at Anders Group

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Disclaimer: These reviews are based on other travelers, as well as my own, personal experiences. The sole intention of these reviews is to connect you with a vetted recruiter that can be helpful in your travel journey. I have purposefully decided to highlight the recruiter instead of a specific company as recruiters can vary in different companies. This post is brought to you by two traveling Physical Therapists Mandy and Julie.

Tell me about yourself. Where are you from, where are you now, and what made you become a PT?

Mandy: I am originally from Georgia, however, I spent the latter part of my life in Alabama. I completed my doctorate degree in physical therapy in Alabama in August 2017 and began travel therapy in March 2018. I am currently in Redding, CA on my 3rd assignment.  I became a Physical Therapist because I grew up playing sports, and at one point during my soccer career I had a knee injury that caused me to go to a physical therapist. I had a passion for soccer and wanted to get back as soon as possible, and with physical therapy, I was able to return to the sport and played many years following. I wanted to be able to help others get back to their passion, as physical therapy helped me.

Julie: I am 29 years old, and I was born and raised in France. I moved to the United States 10 years ago, where I completed my undergraduate and doctorate degree in Alabama. I graduated physical therapy school in August 2017, and started travel therapy in March 2018. I am currently on my 2nd assignment in California. I have always wanted to be in the medical field and help people. I had the opportunity to shadow several different medical professionals, and physical therapy was the best fit for me, especially having an athletic background that allowed me to have access to physical therapy on a regular basis. This profession fits me the best because as a physical therapist, I get to build relationships with my patients, spend time with them, witness their progress, and make a difference in their lives.

How did you get connected with Nicole Cox at Anders Group?

We got connected to Nicole from talking to one of her former clients on a “new grad travel therapy forum” on Facebook. We actually got the names of 4 recruiters from different companies from this Facebook page and contacted each of them.

What specifically has Nicole and/or Anders group done to support you as new graduates?

Nicole ensured that our very first assignment was in a new-grad friendly facility with mentors/supportive staff available. Everyone on Nicole’s team has been helpful, quick to respond with any questions/concerns, and pleasant on the phone.

What set Nicole apart from other recruiters you have connected with?

As mentioned previously, we contacted several recruiters when we first began. Surprisingly, some of the recruiters we contacted were slow at following through, which instantly eliminated them as potential employers.

Nicole Cox was quick to respond and instantly made us feel comfortable. She was very personable from the get-go, especially on the phone. One of the main standout qualities with Nicole compared to other recruiters was the fact that she listened to our story/desires/request and we never had to remind her of our situation. Due to this, she knew what we were looking for and never tried to force us into setting/assignments that did not meet our needs, just to get us a contract and get paid.

She was able to weed out offers and only present us with the best potential assignments that met our demands so that we didn’t feel overloaded with offers. We briefly worked with another recruiter from a larger company, as we were told that having multiple recruiters allows for more job opportunities (especially with bigger companies due to having more availabilities). However, in our case, we found out that this was not true. Anders Group had the same opportunities as the bigger companies; plus, we confirmed that Nicole was the best recruiter for us and chose to only have one recruiter.  

What is it like traveling with a partner? Is it more difficult? Is it better?

The only negative aspect of traveling with a partner is being limited with job openings for 2 PTs, especially in attractive states/areas. Luckily, with Nicole’s help, we have managed to land assignments in the same facility and/or location thus far.

There are many benefits of traveling with a partner. The most obvious advantage is financial, as we share housing cost. The biggest advantage is to always have a support system and someone to bounce ideas off.

What is your favorite thing about Nicole, and why would you recommend to other travelers?

It’s hard to pick just one thing as our favorite characteristics about Nicole, as we have mentioned earlier she has many great attributes. One thing that has not been mentioned yet is Nicole’s initiative. Nicole knows what we want and goes out of the way to make things happen without us having to ask. It is very clear that she always has our best interest at heart.

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