Welcome to
Tiny Van Big Living

Hey there! Welcome to Tiny Van, Big Living! Here you will find all you need to know about full time van dwelling and life as a traveling healthcare professional. If you are interested in traveling, adventure and a more simple lifestyle, this blog is for you! The content here will reveal that removing more materials from life yields to a more experience oriented life. WARNING: There are serious (and amazing) side effects, not limited to but including: less stress, more time and the freedom to enjoy epic adventures on the regular.

In short, Tiny Van Big Living is for the already or aspiring to be wanderlusters, minimalists, adventurers, life enthusiasts and overall lovers of life.

About Me

Hola! My name is Sarah and I am a 27 year old traveling Occupational Therapist. I live full time in a converted camper van (Vanny Devito). Why live in a van, you ask? Well, much like the lifestyle, the answer in simple: I am removing myself from the rat race, collecting experiences not things and enjoying the simple life while slowly climbing out of the giant hole that is student loan debt.

About Vanny

Vanny Devito is a 2010 ford transit connect. She’s a kick ass home and vehicle, with whom I spend most of my time. She likes parking next to glacier lakes, epic mountain ranges and winding rivers. Under the milky way and aurora borealis are her favorite places to sleep.

Our Journey

In January of 2013 I graduated with a masters degree in occupational therapy and had just passed my national boards. I was ready to enter the workforce but where and in what setting, I had no idea. I began this epic journey in March of 2013 as a traveling Occupational Therapist. I have traveled to several states working as an occupational therapist and currently find myself in the beautiful and wild state of Alaska, living in a van. All of my experiences have shaped who I am today. My own personal experiences and the wonderful people I have met along the way have led me to desire a more experience oriented, minimal and simple life.

April of 2016 was when I really started to consider moving into a van full time. I was living in Los Angeles in a pricey apartment with a new(ish) car and a ridiculous amount of student loan debt. I really was tired of it. Even though I was making enough money to live comfortably, I always felt the weight of my student loan debt. I began looking at ways to decrease debt and increase my ability to spend more money on experiences, especially travel. Over time I became very interested in the tiny house and minimalist movement. The initial intrigue evolved overtime to the eventual decision to become a full time vanlifer. That’s when I officially decided to take on full time van dwelling. I spent endless hours researching in preparation for the big/tiny life change. Most of the information I found useful was on blogs, Instagram, YouTube etc. My goal is to provide information regarding my own experiences with this lifestyle and to help others who may be considering a change. Check it out !