One Year of Van Life

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One Year of Van Life In July of 2016, I picked up my new van from Southern California and headed north. A year later I find myself living full time in a van enjoying my last few weeks in Alaska. It has been a year of mistakes, fun, and learning. Here is a reflection on the past year of life in … Read More

My Vanlife Fails (so far)

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My Vanlife Fails (so far) So far my blog has mostly featured positive aspects of living in a van. I think it’s time to share some not-so-great parts about living in a tiny van. Here are my biggest fails thus far and I’m sure there are many more to come. I got very sick As I mentioned in my Van … Read More

AdVANture: California to Alaska

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AdVANture: California to Alaska July 2016: “I hopped off the plane at LAX…” and picked up my new van/home. In two days I was on my way to Alaska (a measly 3,800 mile road trip) alone. I was certainly a little overwhelmed, but I had no choice to rethink because I had signed a contract for a new job in … Read More

Van Hygeine 101

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Van Hygeine 101 Where do you shower? Wait, do you have a toilet in there?! So many questions about hygiene while living in a van, so let’s talk about it. Meeting daily hygiene tasks can definitely be a challenge for van life.  The fact that I work full time has made this easier but also more difficult at the same … Read More

How to Downsize

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How to Downsize June 2016 I went from a two bedroom apartment to a living space less than the size of queen size bed. Soooo, I really had to downsize. Since I started traveling OT I really detested having a lot of “things” simply for the fact that I hate packing/unpacking, which is one of the many reasons I decided … Read More

5 Things that Happen Once You Start Living in a Van

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5 things that happen once you start living in a Van When I decided to live in a van, my main motivation was saving money. Besides saving tons of money on rent and living expensese, I started to notice many other wonderful things beginning to happen: 1.Your purchases of useless crap decrease significantly When I lived full time in what … Read More

My $5000 Tiny Van Conversion: The Complete Cost Breakdown

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My $5000 Tiny Van Conversion: The Complete Cost Breakdown Vanny Devito is now my tiny little home, but once upon a time she was nothing more than a silver van. The entire van conversion process was stressful at times but mostly it was pretty exciting.The following post documents, in detail,  every cent I paid for the conversion of Vanny. As … Read More

Steps to Living in a Van

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Steps to Living in a Van The time between deciding to live in a van to the day I was on the road [to Alaska] in Vanny Devito, feels like a whirlwind. I definitely had a few “WTF am I doing moments,” along the way, but I stayed on course and have no major regrets, yet :). The following six … Read More

Why I Decided to Live in a Van

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If you would have told me four years ago that I would be living in a van full time, I probably would have laughed. A lot of things have changed since I left college and the comforts of my parent’s lovely, spacious home. The decision to live in a van probably developed over the course of three years without me … Read More